Here are some FinFin-Screensaver. [ZIP-size / original size]
Thanks to Amanda ( who send me those screensavers.

TEO (350kb / 1,25mb)
The planet TEO turning a round and moves thereby over the screen. In opposite direction the signature "TEO THE OTHER EARTH" turns around the planet

FINFIN IN ACTION - 1 (736kb / 4,04mb)
5 different animations of FinFin with sound, with english text insertions (black background)
sneeze - burb - flying a looping - Lemo eat - yawn

FINFIN IN ACTION - 2 (546kb / 2,97mb)
5 more animations with sound (English text insertion, black background)
"Whoosh!" - "La La La..." (???) - frightened "Yikes!" - nearly falls asleep - curiously look

FINFIN IN ACTION - 3 (343kb / 1,72mb)
4 more animations with sound (black background)
some backflips and some loops at the fly

FINFIN IN ACTION - 4 (591kb / 4,36mb)
FinFin flies through the invisible Tsubu woods (the black background) thereby the Tsubu nuts falls down

FLOATING FLORA (206kb/ 1,27mb)
The flowers appear like a carpet all over the screen

PEPPERFISH (77kb / 232kb)
Pepperfishes are running through the screen
Possible configurations: The number of pepperfishs can be 1 - 10

POM POM (109kb / 561kb)
Pompom flowers will hover down
Possible configurations: The number of pompom flowers can be 1 - 10

SHELL BEETLE (416kb / 2,26mb)
Some shellbettle will float around
Possible configurations: The number of shellbeetle can be 1 - 6

TREE CAT (285kb / 1,15mb)
the treecats will run through the screen. Sometimes a V-Rex will appear (in the screensaver called "Veil")

A Day in the tsubu woods. Here you can see the change of the tsubu woods during day and night
Possible configurations: Time for a 24 hour turn from 3(fast) to 15(slow) minutes

A year in the tsubu woods. Here you can see, how the tsubu woods will change its colors during the year
Possible configurations: time for a years turn from 3(fast) to 15(slow) minutes