Instructions for the setup of the FinFin-Agent on XP

If you are tired of the small dog or some other figure you use in the XP search window,
then you can now replace it with FinFin.
After the easy installation of the FinFin Agent you need to do the following:

Step 1.)
First open the blue field for the search options.

For the people which do not know how:
- Open "My Computer"
- In the menubar click on the magnifier glass icon (Search)

Step 2.)
Then click on the current character once with a left- or right-click.

The Menu above the figure should change now.

Choose the first option ("Choose a different
animated character").

Step 3.)
Now the menu should change to the character selection, there you can
choose another character.

Click on "Next" until FinFin is selected and click "OK".

Now FinFin will accompany your searches faithfully. ;-)

Note: All the pictures are in German. I donīt own an english Windows.