Patch for FinFin(V7.0) on WindowsXP

The following is a short instruction. For a detailed instruction click here

This is a patched file that will allow FinFin V7.0 (the 5-World "Deluxe Edition", the last version of the program to be released in the USA) to be run on Windows XP.
NOTE: This is not a download of the actual program. This is only a patched file from the "Deluxe Edition" which works ONLY with that. This file will NEVER work with other FinFin-Versions.

Download and unzip this patched file:

Original size: 1.694.208 Bytes

Set the "compatibility mode" on the "setup.exe" file (in the "Installj" folder of the installation CD) to either Windows 95 or 98 (see picture 1 below). Then run the "setup.exe" file to install FinFin. After installation, REPLACE the "teoboot.exe" file with the patched file. Use compatibility mode to set this file to Windows 95 or 98 as well. Now you should be able to run "New Contactee" and play FinFin.

If FinFin still does not work, this could be due to other factors, such as an incompatible sound or graphics card. And check to make sure that the file size of your copy of "teoboot.exe" is the same as listed above. It is also possible that the Smart Sensor may not work.

IMPORTANT: Every time you quit FinFin, "teoboot.exe" will not turn itself off. You must open up your Task Manager (using Ctrl+Alt+Delete), look under "Processes" (see picture 2 below), find "teoboot.exe" and choose "End Process" to completely shut down the program.