In the Gallery-Area "Other Products" the image of the (german) CD case "The Book of FinFin" is now available in a much larger size and the backside has also been added

My homepage existed for 20 years now. To celebrate the day, the credits page was revised (thanks to Nadine for the beautiful picture) and also added to the English part of the homepage

Finally, the unknown video (FinFin's World > EXTRAS) seems to be resolved. FinFin probably says in Japanese "asobu" which means translated "play". Thanks to *Herr Riebmann* for the hint

The gallery overview has been renewed. Many thanks to Nadine

Since today this site is no longer accessible via "home.arcor.de/emge/", but only via "www.finfin.de"

The FinFin-Archive has been completely reworked and various things have been added

The operator of the FinFin-Archive Christian Hussong has managed to procure the Japanese picture book "Tears of FinFin". Volunteers of a Japanese forum have translated it for us. The book is now available in the FinFin archive in the Japanese original and in German (unfortunately not in english) in PDF format. Thanks to Christian Hussong, to the translators and also to Nadine, who replaced the Japanese characters in the pictures perfectly by the German texts

By chance, the rhythm game "TanTan TEO" has been achieved. It has only appeared in Japan and Korea. The game has now been completely translated into German and is available in both versions (German and Korean) in the FinFin-Archive (quick to reach in the software area). The game does NOT have to be installed and seems to work until Win8

My homepage is now over 13 years old and FinFin about 17 years (Published 1997). And although there are hardly any FinFin fans left, my site remains online. For questions, I am still available in the forum occasionally.

The complete (german) 6-world-version, that means all places including nest, installable up to Windows 7, can be downloaded in the FinFin-Archive (in the software area linked). Older versions are also available for download.

Micro and sound recorder are probably not supported. Contact only with the buttons 1-5 possible (Smartsensor?)

Greetings to all
who have remained loyal to FinFin
(and maybe my homepage, too)