Software to download

The FinFin-Software can be download in different versions (3-6 Worlds) in the Download-Area of the FinFin-Archiv (German Website) (This link is from other hoster, so their content are NOT under my control).
Also there you can find a German Beta of the 6-World-Version from Taiwan, patchted by Harald G. (no CD burning needet) for Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7.
You can find here a CD burning and installation instruction for the Chinese Original version of FinFin from Taiwan (V9.0) [all 6 Worlds] for Windows XP.
You can also download the "FinFin-Storybook" and the music-rhythm-game "TanTan TEO" (only in Korean or German).

12 Screensaver for download

With this little tool you can see the Lemo-package without starting FinFin. The view will be seen in a segmented chart like the original. The "only red Lemos" will be supported, too. The file "Lemopackviewer" must be copy into the FinFin-folder (where the "Lemopack.dat" can be found). With a link you can use it from everywhere.
Sebastian Ochs has programmed this little tool for my FinFin-Page. Many thanks to him.

Name: Lemopack-Viewer
Programmer: Sebastian Ochs
Screenshot: View
File-Size: 176kb
Download: Lemopack-Viewer (ZIP 166kb)

FinFin as "Microsoft-Agent" (Note: A download will be useless, if you donīt own the software "Microsoft Agent".)
Download (4,56mb) I am not responsible for this Japanese software.
The "Microsoft Agent is a component of XP, for example, a dog in the search window. The dog may be replaced by FinFin
Instructions for the setup of the FinFin-Agent on XP