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The northern lights
The "Double lunar eclipse"
The shooting stars
The colorful Tsubu Nuts
The normal Tsubu Nuts
The "UFO"
The "Rainbowball"
Clouds formations
Lemopackage (since 4 World Edition)
FinFin and the colorful lemos
FinFin "blue" (since 4 World Edition)
Password-Info for "Deluxe Edition"
Color of FinFin-Junior

The northern lights:

The northern lights are an interesting phenomenon, that can be seen over 50 times in a year. Mostly past midnight.
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Here is a list of the northern lights before 22:00:
10.04. 21:15
17.08. 21:15
11.09. 21:55
15.09. 21:58

The "Double lunar eclipse":

The Planet Teo has 2 moons (Amda & Vee). Once in the year they lay over each other and it comes to an spectacular event.
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The "Double lunar eclipse" occours every year on 30.08. at 20:40 for a duration of about 20 minutes. In that time you can see an animated corona around the moons and FinFin changes his color and you will hear a magical music.

Videos (MP4): Preview (1:04 Min.) / Full Version (26:12 Min.)
Thanks to "Andy" who sent in the videos

The shooting stars:

At the christmas eve at 20:00 you can observe shooting stars. Unfortunatly they only can be seen for 10 seconds.
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The colorful Tsubu Nuts:

At Christmas you can see a beautyfull event in the tsubu woods. The tsubu nuts will be glitter colorful.
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This colorful event can be seen from 24.12. midnight to the 26.12. 03:00. The normally white glitter of the tsubu nuts you can see more often in the year.

The normal Tsubu Nuts:

In the Tsubu Woods the Tsubu Nuts glitter in some nights. The dates are always the same every year. Begin is between 18:00 and 20:00. It ends always at 03:00. Here the list:

Month   Day    10   15   20   25   30
ca. 19:00
ca. 20:00
ca. 19:00
ca. 18:00
 Day    10   15   20   25   30

The "UFO":

At the 7th 17th & 27th of every month you can see a strange flashing point. Mostly at 00:00, 06:00 & 18:00. It can also be stopped at another point as at the top of the mountain. After 20 - 30 seconds it will fly away.

The "Rainbowball":

The left picture shows a usually rainbow which you can see sometimes in the Amile Forest. But once in the year, on 31.07., you can observe a "Rainbowball" starting at 15:45 (right picture). This event has a duration of ca 27 min.

Clouds formations:

Here you can see, which cloud formations are to be seen distributed over the year. The numbers down right shows, in which months the relevant clouds appear.

Lemopackage (since 4 World Edition):

The graphic below shows how the lemo colors of a Lemopackage change over the days.

FinFin and the colorful lemos:

If you own a FinFin-version, where you have different Lemo colors, you can change FinFins color. If he eats 4 lemos of the same color (without the red ones) within 10 (!) minutes he changes his color (Level 1). If you want to strengthen the color you should give him again 4 lemos of the same color some time later (Level 2). The maximum of his color can be seen after you feed him to the third time 4 lemos from the same color (Level 3). So you need 12 lemos from the same color, to see FinFin in his full colores version. It isnt easy, but it works. The color will be active for some days. But after the next full or newmoon on Teo (approx. every 2 weeks) FinFin will regain his original color.

More infomation about color back can be found in the FAQ.

If you color FinFin on the full moon day, he sing a special song and reaches the level 3 instantly. Unfortunately the color maintain only to midnight. On the next day he is mostly normal again.

Teo full moon days:
01/19 02/16 03/15 04/12 05/10 06/07 07/05
08/02 08/30* 09/27 10/25 11/22 12/20  
* FinFin gets normal at 19:50 (Double lunar eclipse)


Lemos Normal Level 1 Level 2 Level 3





Here you only need one Lemo to color. The Colorchange will start after 1-2 minutes and the color will maintain only for 1-2 hours.

FinFin "blue" (since 4 World Edition):

If FinFin eats an really old Lemo (not rotten), it is very likely that he will turn "blue". He hiccups, looks a bit strange and he cannot fly right anymore in the air. Rarely he will start to sing strange or dangle up side down from a branch. This specific Lemo can be achieved when the Lemopackage is app. 28~31 days old or sometimes accidentally at first day of a month.

Password-Info for "Deluxe Edition":

In the "Deluxe Edition" FinFin can be colored in Level 3 directly with a password (Start > Programs > fin fin > Password). There are totally 50 passwords, respectively 10 for each color: Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange and Normal. "Normal" is only useful to changes FinFins color back prematurely. But every Password can only be used ONCE. The Passwords can be achieved on this homepage via playing TEO-Memory (in the Games-Area). The color will be active until the next full moon or new moon on TEO (approx. every 2 weeks).
WARNING: The Passwords will influence FinFins friendliness and this mostly negative.

Color of FinFin-Junior:

FinFin-Junior can change his color indirectly only. He hatches some days after the full moon. Important is the color that FinFin has one day before full moon or that he gets. (full moon list above the FinFin Colortable). The little one will hatch with the full color level.


Green Yellow Pink Orange


And here are some videos with sound where FinFin is speaking:
(VideoResolution: 320x240, Sound: 11khz 16bit)

Text kb/Sec Time (Sec.) Size Zip-Size
"good morning" 188 4,5 846kb 217kb
"happy new year" 193 8,0 1,5mb 421kb
"asobu" * 189 7,5 1,38mb 338kb

* Here FinFin speaks probably Japanese. It means "play".
Thanks to *Herr Riebmann* for the hint.