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Secret Inlet
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Secret Inlet

FinFin often comes to the Secret Inlet to swim or simply rest. It is an observation place. You can speak to FinFin, but this disturbs him. It is better you come here and watch him only. FinFin also catches fish here, which he sometimes kicks back into the water with a tail fin hit or a kick. FinFin also sometimes goes into the small cave. It also happens that FinFinīs spouse "Finnina" emerges in the water.

Animals that you can observe:



Night Froggy

Glowing Jelly Fish

Palm Tree Snake


Piki Seal

Pom Pom

Gabby Fish


Plants that you can see (and their blooming season):

Royal Crown Flower
Late Nov. - Jan.

Perna Lotus Flower *
Mid April - Mid Aug.

White Secret

Around 14. February (Valentineīs Day)
you can see a red Heart
on the petal of the "White Secret"

* Note: The Perna Lotus Flower only opens in the morning for about one hour. The opening time depends on the actual season from aproximaltly 08:00 (June) to 08:30 (April & August)

Videos (AVI):

Video Resolution kb/Sec Time (Sec.) Size Zip-Size
eat fish 320x240 56 33,1 1,83mb 1,38mb
Piki Seal 320x240 211 15,4 3,17mb 556kb
swimming 320x240 40 27,3 1,07mb 776kb