Amile Forest
Lemo Valley
Tsubu Woods
Secret Inlet
Rem River Bank

Amile Forest

The Amile Forest seems to be the best known place. Here FinFin spends much of his time. It is the best place to make friends with FinFin.You can give him some Lemos to eat. The Lemos will be inedible after approx. 30 days. If FinFin trusts you, he will sing many songs or even shows a few flying tricks. And if itīs your birthday, FinFin will sing a birthday song (the birthday you have entered during the "player registration").

Animals that you can observe:

Flutter Fish



Shell Beetle

Pata Pata Bird

Pom Pom

Floating Flora

Shulu Bird

Signal Bug

Windy Bird

Plants that you can see (and their blooming season):

Bubbleberry Flower
October - December

Little Bell
Mid Dec. - Early Jan.

Crystal Flower
February - May

Luna Flower
Nocturnal, August

Shelltwist Flower
For one Week in
March, June, Sep.

Yaika Leaves

Videos (AVI):

Video Resolution kb/Sec Time (Sec.) Size Zip-Size
scratch 320x240 170 4 683kb 133kb
sneeze 320x240 173 8 1,35mb 307kb
tired 320x240 169 16 2,65mb 545kb