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Rem River Bank

Rem River Bank

The Rem River Bank is the only place where you also can observe FinFin under water. FinFin likes to swim here, catches sometimes a fish and sometimes meets his spouse "Finnina". However this place is not completely safe, because here lives the Dante Fish, which want to eat FinFin. But he will never made it, because FinFin is much faster than him. It is very interesting, to watch FinFin diving.

Animals that you can observe:

Tree Cat

Freaky Bird (Clippy)

Dante Fish


FinFin & Finnina




Videos (AVI):

Video Resolution kb/Sec Time (Sec.) Size Zip-Size
DanteFish 320x240 104 21,6 2,19mb 1,75mb
diving 320x240 99 14,2 1,38mb 1,12mb